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Current Volunteer Opportunities


Scheduler: Assure that requests for member services are scheduled and assigned to a Village volunteer. Respond to the phone requests and emails Monday through Friday roughly 9 am to 5 pm. One day a week, approx 1.5 hrs a week.

Membership Recruiter: Provide Village membership information to prospective members. Conduct home visits. Assure that new members can access membership benefits. 5 - 8 hrs a month.

Newsletter Editor:  Assemble monthly newsletter. Must be experienced with Mailchimp or Constant Contact programs or willing to learn. 4 - 5 hrs a month.

Handyperson: Help older adults with household maintenance like hanging pictures, changling light bulbs, replacing furnace filters, fixing a leaking faucet, etc.

Activity / Event Planner: Work with Village members to organize activities and events based on their interests. Help keep older adults active in both mind and body. Approx 5 hrs a month.

Outreach Team Member: Join our Outreach team to spread the word about how Village Without Walls can help older adults age in their homes. Learn about the village movement and Village Without Walls so you can inform local older adults and their family members. Approx 3 hrs a month.

Tech Support for Members: Do you gently help your friends and family whose phones or tablets leave them frustrated. Are you comfortable helping someone learn how to operate Zoom? Help an older adult become more comfortable with the technology they need to stay in touch.

Village Transportation Coordinator: Our transportation program is an integral part of member services. This position requests and monitors driver training and DMV check completion, and maintains up-to-date driver information. Approx 5 hrs a month.

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Have Questions? Send an email to or call the Village Office at 503-207-8729.