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Current Volunteer Opportunities

(Unless otherwise indicated, one volunteer needed per opportunity.)


Assist Members in Scheduling Services:

  • Assure that requests for member services are scheduled and assigned to a Village volunteer. Respond to the phone requests and emails Monday through Friday roughly 9 am to 5 pm. One day a week, approx 1 to 2 hrs/week. Monday, Wednesday or Thursday available.


Volunteer Recruitment:

  • Contact potential volunteer and get volunteer application processed. Request background check. 2 - 4 hrs/month. 


Membership Recruitment:

  • Provide Village membership information to prospective members. Conduct  home visits. 2 - 4 hrs/month. One or two volunteers needed.
  • Manage new member packets. Manage and store membership materials. Revising forms as necessary. 1 - 2 hrs as needed. 
  • Attend monthly Membership Affinity group meeting.


Volunteer Training:

  • Schedule and conduct orientation/training. 1 - 2 hrs/month. As needed.
  • Schedule Driver Training. As needed.


Volunteer Support and Recognition:

  • Check in with individual volunteers. Review service evaluations for issues.  Organize volunteer meetings. 2 - 4 hrs/month.
  • Send card and/or gift card to individuals who excel. Organize activity and/or  gift for Volunteer   Appreciation Week. As Needed.
  • Attend monthly Volunteer Affinity Group meeting.


Outreach and Marketing:

  • Organize Village Information Sessions. Find location. Coordinate publicity with  Communications team. Conduct Village Information meeting. 2 - 3 hrs/month.  1 or 2 volunteers needed.
  • Organize tabling events. Locate tabling event. Contact organizer for  reservation. Organize helpers. Attend tabling event. 2 - 3 hrs/month.
  • Maintain contact with local businesses. Attend chamber of commerce  meetings. Search for businesses in older adult services and look for ways to connect or cooperate. 2 - 4 hrs/month. 2 volunteers needed.
  • Attend monthly Outreach & Marketing Affinity Group meeting.


Member Services:

  • Monitor all member service requests to assure they have been processed.  Train and support schedulers. 2 - 4 hrs/week


Activity / Event Planning:

  • Work with Village members to organize activities and events based on their  interests. Survey members and volunteers for interests. Support member or volunteer in setting up events. Create monthly event list. 3 - 5 hrs/month.
  • Update Event Calendar. Enter event information into Village website. 3 hrs/month.



  • Fundraising strategy. Work with Village Council to identify funding needs and  opportunities. Attend VNW Development Affinity Group meeting. 3 – 4  hrs/month.
  • Donor acknowlegment. Work with treasurer to organize thank you letters.  Recognize past large donors. 2 - 3 hrs/month.
  • Grant applications. Research and identify grants available. Submit grant  proposal(s). As needed.
  • Fundraising Activity. Create potential donor list for year-end appeal. Participate  in planning and supporting year end appeal activities. Organize other  fundraising activities. 2 – 4 hrs/month.


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Have Questions? Send an email to or call the Village Office at 503-207-8729.