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What is a Village?

** Villages are nonprofit, grassroots, membership organizations that are redefining aging by being a key resource to community members wishing to age in place.  

** The word “Village” is used to represent the model because local resources and people of all ages are brought together to benefit both the members and the greater community.

** Villages are a social support network for their members that provide necessary services, (such as transportation, technology assistance, running errands to the pharmacy and grocery store), community engagement activities and other important resources crucial to aging interdependently.  

** Villages are a community-based model and Village members engage in projects to improve their communities through volunteering, advocating, and creating solutions for community issues.

** A Village reflects the community it serves and transforms the "Silver Tsunami" of aging baby boomers into a "silver reservoir" that grows and strengthens its community. (from Village to Village Network website)

** The Village Model works! Village members consistently report a positive impact on their well-being and quality of life as a direct result of their participation in their Village.

** The Village Movement includes older adults from all ethnicities, races, and gender identities in the U.S. The Village Movement also advocates for older adults, providing a voice for the over 65 population in local, state, and national government decisions.


For more information about the Village Movement, click here.


How do I find a Village near me?

You can find a searchable map on the Village to Village Network Map which provides information about villages all over the United States and internationally.


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