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Village Leadership

The Village Council is comprised of a team of volunteers dedicated to driving the Village Without Walls strategic direction and is elected each year by the Village Members. The officers of the Village (Chair, Secretary, Treasurer) are elected by the Council members.
Members of the Village Council include functional team leads and others who specialize in specific areas of value to our Village. The functional team leads bring the perspective of the day-to-day Village operations to the Village Council. This includes coordination of social, cultural and educational events, newsletter production, marketing, website management and technical support, as well as direct member services and maintaining the recommended vendors lists.

Village Council


The Village Council meets on the 2nd Tuesday each month.  If you would like to contact a Village Council member or attend a meeting, send us an email at and your question will be forwarded to the appropriate person.

Village Council Members


Paul Hart Paul Hart Chairman – Paul returned to the Village Council in 2017 after previously serving on the Village Without Walls Planning group and Village Council from Oct 2014 to Feb 2016. He spent 35+ years in Project/Program management for banks and in healthcare technology. He lives in Hillsboro and also organizes teams & works with vendors to refurbish and maintain a 100+ year old church.
Darolyn Wylie Darolyn Wylie Membership – Darolyn is co-chair of the Membership team, a Village driver and joined the Village in 2019. She was a geologist and then got a Masters Degree in Economics before deciding she would rather work for Powell's Books where she spent 20+ years. She is also worship team chair at her church and loves to learn new art forms.
Barb Hart Barbara Hart
Treasurer & Communications, Marketing, and Technology Team – Barbara has been with Village Without Walls since 2014. She brings both technical and organizational skills to the Village. In her previous life, she worked in Information Technology as a business analyst, project manager, trainer and technical writer.
Suzanne Smith Suzanne Smith
Volunteers – Suzanne was part of the original VWW planning group and on the first Village Council. She is a retired realtor and elementary school teacher who has made Hillsboro her home for more than 42 years. Suzanne is currently the Interim Chair for the Volunteer Team.
Pat Cropp Pat Cropp

Member at Large - Pat started volunteering with VWW in 2019 as a scheduler.  She is a native Oregonian and lives in the Hillsboro Jackson School development. She retired in 2015 after 25 years in a medical billing office.   She also volunteers with the Hillsboro library and Kaiser Westside Medical.

Maureen O'Rourke

Member at Large - Maureen started volunteering in 2015, helping Anne Dale do reference checks. In 2016 she was trained as a scheduler and does that 1-2 days a week. She lives in the Rock Creek area, is active in the ham radio community and volunteers for the Portland Opera. She retired 5 years ago from the world of libraries and higher education as an academic advisor. Maureen grew up as a military “brat” on various Army bases around the world.