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Village Support


We always welcome additional volunteers to our Village Support teams.

Village Support teams handle all the day-to-day operations of the Village. Each Village Team has a list of tasks, large and small, that keep things moving. Listed below are the Support teams with their main responsibilities.

Membership: home visits, membership renewals, member relations 
Volunteers: recruitment, training, volunteer appreciation

monitors daily service requests, monitors Village email and phones calls 
Office/Services Team: coordinates mailings, performs administrative tasks, sends cards, maintains  vendor lists

Activities and Events:
surveys activity interests, plans activities and events

Communication, Marketing &Technology: maintains website, updates social media, sends email communications, produces newsletter, system training, plans marketing efforts, provides marketing content  

Community/Business Outreach: 
presents information sessions, plans community outreach efforts, supports tabling events, attends civic and local business events

Fundraising Team:
implements resource development plan; identifies funding sources, potential donors and sponsors

Administration and Finance Team: provides strategic planning, maintains annual budget, tracks Village finances

Interested in working on one of these teams?
Start the volunteer application process by completing the volunteer application that you will find under the "Volunteer" menu item at the top of this page.  Other questions? Send an email to or call 503-207-8729.