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Village Without Walls is part of a national movement of people who want to take control of how they age. This is a community of people who share their skills, support and expertise with each other to navigate the challenges and opportunities of aging. When we unite as peers, we create a purposeful and powerful space of learning, laughter and courage as we take on the future.

Village Without Walls is not a PLACE; it’s a PLAN

Village Without Walls Supports the Love On the Fence Project

Village Without Walls  members, volunteers and friends colored LOVE signs on September 22nd and the finished signs are hanging on the JW Poynter Middle School fence which faces Cornell Rd at 17th Ave in Hillsboro.

Eight non-profits are participating in this community art project to promote community and brighten people's day as they see the signs start to appear on fences all over Hillsboro. Click LOVEontheFENCEMap to see the fence locations. Go to for more details about this great project!



Village Without Walls is a dynamic, inclusive, caring community of older adults who support each other in active, inter-dependent living. View the video below where Village members are talking about the benefits of Village community.

Village members come together to create new opportunities for what’s next as we age. Through regular connections,
members form deep friendships that help keep them as engaged and vital members of the community. Check out our Community Connections.


In addition, fully vetted volunteers are available to provide transportation and help with household tasks as needed.

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

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