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Why become a volunteer

Volunteers are the lifeblood of a Village 

At the heart of the Village are volunteers who provide Direct Service to members as well as Village Operations to support the village. Volunteers enjoy many opportunities to share their time and talents while helping to build a thriving intergenerational community. 

Benefits of Volunteering:

* Provide volunteers with a pleasant and rewarding experience.

* Build community by developing ties to the individual members served and to other members and volunteers.

* Opportunities for new friendships to develop among volunteers and members as they participate in social events.

* Bringing back a culture of neighbors helping neighbors, and respect for elders.

Requirements and expectations of volunteers:

* Complete a volunteer application and background check.
* Attend a new-volunteer orientation.
* Attend any training for the specific volunteer job.
* Respect the confidentiality of members for whom a service is performed.
* Decline any gifts or tips that may be offered.

Check out our Current Volunteer Openings.

Contact us at to find out how you can help our village.