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Ways to Get Involved

A Village needs many people to thrive in our communities. If you would like to support this aging-in-place Village that can make all our lives more meaningful and fun as we grow older, here are some immediate ways you can help. 


Learn About Villages!

The first step to learning more about the local Village movement is to attend a free Village 101 presentation. This presentation orients you to the Village movement  and how villages in the Portland metropolitan area are organized and moving forward. The presentation includes:

  • The Village movement and how successful Villages have developed throughout the United States
  • Services and programs delivered by Villages
  • Types of memberships and possible costs of memberships
  • The model of Villages in the Portland Metro area

Check the Village Calendar for the next scheduled Village 101 presentation. You will also find the dates for our monthly happy hour or coffee social gatherings where you can meet to meet current members and volunteers.

Become a Member!

Once you have attended a Village information meeting, check out the Membership Benefits. you receive when you join a Village. To contact our Membership team call 503-207-8729 or email


Volunteers give back to their community by providing direct service to our members or by supporting our village operations. Review our volunteer opportunities for all the ways in which you can use your skills and talents.


Your donations help us support seniors in your communities. The Village is a non-profit and committed to keeping membership affordable, but membership fees only provide about 60% of the revenue needed to run a village. Check out our Donations page for your giving options.